ignorance means to not know

so much of lifes personality problems stem from not knowing and not wanting to understand as apposed to wanting to understand…blessings..m

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  1. herbal delight, to grow indoors or outdoors is the question. the solution is do i care, and will i be responsible with the earths resources and my will to produce in use or abuse…blessings…m

  2. today lord, i again give you herbaldlight as you have given me this great peace to stay walking with you in herbaldelight and har-bar mission as thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…love you michael…lumg..circa2012..mlr

  3. in my own selfish way i want a helpmate lord
    may she be chosen by you
    may she cherish me more than i can believe
    she will believe, she will know lord
    my life is for you, my wife is heaven sent
    my life is but to give, life with you my sun shine…blessings..m..
    blessings come blessings come
    my soul is at peace
    blessings come blessings come my soul is at peace…m082717,blessings..m

  4. years of addiction in a day, for me, becomes “a moment of peace,” rest, relaxation, and assurance, for moments. then for the day of pain, slavery, suduction, and forms of submission with spitual acceptance of faith…090117,blessings..m

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